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    Welcome to the new 500Eboard forum, post-migration to XenForo. Please feel free to do the following:

    1) Explore, click, tweak your settings, enjoy

    2) Check out the new "skins" link at the bottom left of the main page, to change the look and feel (color scheme/graphics) of the forum to your preference

    3) Let me know of any errors you find. I am hard at work in the coming days and weeks to get things tweaked correctly, and I know there are plenty of small tweaks. Feel free to post in the "XenForo Migration" thread anything you find, or have questions about.

    500Eboard, including its owner, administrators and moderators do not endorse, approve or support any claims provided by sellers as to vehicle condition, history, title status or mechanical operation.

    Forum members/sellers are fully responsible for the accurate representation of all vehicles and/or parts they list and describe for sale on this forum. 500Eboard is not legally liable or responsible for sellers who misrepresent their vehicles per US Federal, State and local laws and regulations pertaining to proper and accurate vehicle sales.

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Parts for Sale

500E / E500 and related mechanical parts and assemblies offered for sale.
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