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  1. B

    Limited Edition 500E Shirt!

    If anybody is looking for a cool shirt here you go! https://teespring.com/limited-edition-mercedes-500e
  2. stephen911t

    Help with wheel and tire size

    Hey guys I picked up a 1992 500E and want to put 1999-2002 E55 wheels which are 18" 8's and 9's staggered. will It work on my 500E and also which tire size would you guys recommend I use. Thanks for your replies, and if anyone has pictures of an application similar to what i would want to use...
  3. henrycg

    Took my 500E off-road in the desert

    So a while back after extensive research I fell in love with the 500E. I then traded my banged up nissan altima for a mechanically amazing 500E (best deal ever) which i'm in the process of restoring the interior and bells & whistles. By the way for some weird reason 500E's are very common for...
  4. T

    WANTED Looking for 1992-1993 500e Near Orlando, FL

    Looking for a nice 500e around the Orlando area. Id like to drive out and see the car if possible. No specific needs in the color department. Thanks in advance
  5. Christian_K

    Introduction into Service Manuals (Einführungsschriften) 500E/E500 & E60AMG

    Hi anyone can post them here? I know they have both been posted somewhere hiding deep in some threads/topics. Please also the german version (was also available somwhere in the internet). EDIT Sources 500E German: http://benzclub.ru/forum/showthread.php?t=228926...