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  1. K

    Could my 2005 ETA be faulty?

    Hello guys, need some help with my recently acquired '93 500E. The symptoms: Car frequently goes into Limp-Home Mode. Most frequent LHM occurrence is right after starting the car up, and immediately moving the gear lever to Reverse. The car surges back wildly, I can feel the gas pedal moving...
  2. Christian_K

    Some last myths to bust...

    I'm opening that topic to have some discussion about some last myths to bust on our cars. The final findings will then be posted into the WIKI. - WOT-Signal only at kickdown. Those of you who have Digital scanner/HHT/Star-Diagnosis can see that there is a certain live-data called something like...
  3. Christian_K

    Bigger throttle flap?

    I've read now a couple of times that some tuners raise the throttle-flap diameter on our babies from 74mm stock to 80mm. DMS-Tech from Russia for instance do that. Maybe 036 may ask them how and why? http://www.dms-tech.ru/dmstech3.htm How do they do that? I mean machining new butterfly halves...
  4. Jelmer

    Wiring harness degradation photos

    Per Gerry's request, I have taken some pictures my wiring harness. The idea is that this thread becomes a collection of damaged wiring harnesses, possibly also of other components that fail often. If you have pictures stuff you replaced, please add them here. Hmm, a pity you can't put the...