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  1. gerryvz

    HOW-TO: Changing Motor Mounts on Late W124 (M104 inline-6 engine)

    Over the past 6+ months (that I can remember), I've noticed my wife's E320 wagon (1995 S124) has had a noticeable shake/shudder upon starting up the engine, and upon shutting it down. Also a bit of a tremor at idle -- normally the M104 has a glass smooth idle (and it still has, in terms of the...
  2. gerryvz

    HOW-TO: Replacing M119 distributor caps & rotors

    Here is a good, illustrated how-to on how to replace the M119 distributor caps/rotors: http://www.peachparts.com/Wikka/M119DistCapRotor Cheers, Gerry