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  1. LWB250

    HOW-TO: Replacing M119 Distributor Insulator/Dust Cover

    In my ongoing quest to sort out the 400E I recently acquired, one of the issues I noted in my initial inspection was a severely worn/damaged distributor insulator on the right distributor. While this typically does not prevent the car from running, in the climate I live in (west central Florida)...
  2. Stahl

    Misfire after sparkplugs and both ignition coils replaced

    I had a few issues as of recent with my car that I thought would have been fixed after some part replacements, I replaced the MAF sensor, and both ignition coils as well as throwing in some Bosch Platinum OE Finewire spark plugs from RockAuto. Now my car has a pretty bad misfire to the point...
  3. elbeik

    Found: AMG M119 E60

    Gents, While in my home country Lebanon during the holidays, I paid my usual used parts dealer a visit. He breaks down cars in Japan, and I have been lucky to acquire in the past an almost new interior and fenders which will be used in an upcoming restoration of my 500E. Yesterday, he...
  4. Christian_K

    Carlsson C62 (M119 6.2L)

    Based on the M119, 6.2L 425HP and 620NM Torque. Super-Plus Required (ROZ98), possibly 11:1 compression ratio+good iginition timings. They put that beast also in the W202... True pocketrocket then... (Please save pictures somewhere, never know when it might get unavailable)....
  5. gerryvz

    HOW-TO: Replacing M119 distributor caps & rotors

    Here is a good, illustrated how-to on how to replace the M119 distributor caps/rotors: http://www.peachparts.com/Wikka/M119DistCapRotor Cheers, Gerry