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  1. G

    W124 Scratched AC Buttons

    The push-buttons of my AC are all scratched and I intend to replace them with new ones purchased online. The question is how to remove the old buttons? Is it necessary to remove and disassemble the AC control unit, or it is just a matter of pulling the buttons one by one with pliers?
  2. gerryvz

    HOW-TO: Changing Motor Mounts on Late W124 (M104 inline-6 engine)

    Over the past 6+ months (that I can remember), I've noticed my wife's E320 wagon (1995 S124) has had a noticeable shake/shudder upon starting up the engine, and upon shutting it down. Also a bit of a tremor at idle -- normally the M104 has a glass smooth idle (and it still has, in terms of the...
  3. gerryvz

    HOW-TO: Replacing M119 distributor caps & rotors

    Here is a good, illustrated how-to on how to replace the M119 distributor caps/rotors: http://www.peachparts.com/Wikka/M119DistCapRotor Cheers, Gerry