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134A Schrader valve leak


E500E Newbie
Hi everyone.. I have a slight freon leak from the schrader valve located beside the condenser. Question is... do I need to replace the whole condenser or just the valve? If it's just the valve, is it a generic one used in other cars or is it an MB specific part.

Can someone share the part number please.



.036 Hoonigan™, E500E Boffin
Staff member
The valve can be replaced separately. Only use OE / Genuine MB valves. I bought aftermarket (too cheap to resist) and was not impressed with the design or build quality. I bought a new OE valve and it was visibly different. I haven't installed yet, need to discharge / evac the system, etc.

The valve at the low-pressure service port is different of course, I'd consider changing both while the system is open.



.036 Hoonigan™, E500E Boffin
Staff member
Pretty sure a bicycle valve will work. I've repaired them with puncture repair kits from walmart
Nope. The 134a ports do not use replaceable Schrader valves like the older R-12 ports. With 134a, you have to unscrew the entire port from the pipe. At least, the ones I've seen do not appear to have removable internal parts.

Aftermarket high-side port is ~$5, OE is ~$19 list.