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560SEC Buyer's Guide - YouTube video


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A nicely done and accurate/informative video Buyer's Guide for the 560SEC. Some of his prices are a fair bit off on the prices of replacement items, but his information as to the key issues that you find with these cars is (for the most part) correct. Impressive, at the least, for a used-car shop.

If you're considering buying a C126, it's a good video series to watch as a first step.


Video #1

Video #2

Video #3


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Can you give us some idea on pricing. Is there preferred year??
Prices are all over the map, and totally depends on condition (cosmetics and mechanical) and mileage, and where the car was from. Personally, I would only purchase a Southern or West Coast car -- that goes for all Benzes actually.

For prices, check out BaT for recent auctions. That probably gives you a decent market perspective for nicer cars, albeit at prices that are probably 10-30% higher than doing it through a private transaction.

Overall though, I would say that a decent 1989-1991 560SEC with good interior and exterior cosmetics, well documented maintenance, and so forth with 80-200K miles would be in the $10-25K range. That's a large spread, but there are a LOT of variables in the mix.

I would say that $15K would be a good general starting point when looking for an SEC. Personally, my sweet spot (if I was in the market for another one) would start around $20 and go up from there.

Try to stay away from SECs that are highly or even moderately modified. The good "mod" for them would be lowering springs (Eibach or H&R), and that's about all really. Going up from the stock 15" to a 16" wheel is also a good move -- though I believe that anything above 17" on an SEC is too much. Otherwise, just steady maintenance along the way. These cars are NOT cheap to maintain, although parts are not horribly expensive (I'm getting ready to replace the rear calipers on my car, and they are surprisingly cheap, even ATE's own rebuilt calipers).

The best thing you can do with an SEC (or any 126) is to drive it on a regular basis -- at least a few times a week. They get cranky if not driven.

They are easier to work on than E500Es simply because there's a bit more room underhood, and the overall components are generally a bit simpler.

Banzworld has an excellent forum for 126 coupe owners. So excellent in fact, that nearly all of their members come to this forum for their HOW-TOs. :agree:



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agree with all that, but since I have swapped out the USA exhaust system from the manifolds to the tail with more euro style system, I would have to add that USA mod to the GVZ realm of personal opinion :D


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Sure, but VERY few US-spec SECs have exhaust manifold modifications with the Yurro logs or holy grail Tri-Y’s.