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560SEL Partout


E500E Newbie
Hey guys I have a 86 560sel that unfortunately I am parting out, was driving home one day and motor started knocking, i have plans to swap in a different motor so but anything m117 related is going up for sale, odometer stopped at 93k but im assuming that the car is probably around the 150 mark. please call or text 561-289-2072 if interested, everything and i mean everything is for sale, parts would be perfect for anybody trying to obtain 5.6L parts to strap onto their 5.0 or smaller m116/7



"Nit-Picky and, Bitter Mechanic"
What oil has she been run on?

Condition of both cams?


Thanks Much!!


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E500E Newbie
Attention all, I recently had a brain tumor removed so i have many M117 parts, new code 822 cams, new cam stands(all mercedes new in the box), rings , bearings, euro 5.6 10.1 compression block and heads, flat top pistons (117 968 12 075031 engine number), 2 5.6 transmissions, one R107 type and one W126 type. many , many 117 and 126 parts, to many to list.
e mail me off the board, benzman70@hotmail.com Gary


E500E Newbie
shes been running on conventional 20/50 penzoil with changes every 4-5000 miles, cams are in great shape and smooth surfaces, the litte oiler tubes were replaced about 10k miles ago aswell. message me through here or to my cell 5612892072 and ill provide more pictures for you, im willing to do 250 per side for the cams.