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Anyone with experience/ advice listing on Bring a Trailer?


Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any experience listing cars on BAT and how it went. If you want to PM me that's fine also. Thanks in advance Jeff-


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My personal experience is that I think they push you pretty hard to no reserve and well below market reserve auctions as they pride themselves on market clearing transactions.......if you have something special probably fine, but that probably clears on a lot of other media as well...I feel like buyers generally get more benefit from the site (I get their daily emails and I'm sure will ultimately buy something there one day)

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Thanks they just came back with wanting the reserve 20% less then the current offers I'm getting from wholesalers that have seen the car, which I didn't think was so bad. I guess it comes down to take the known money or roll the dice.


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Yeah, that's what I struggled with when I was selling my w123......I ultimately sold it to the right person but took a few auction runs to get the right person that appreciated all the extra money I spent on it and realized that was worth a couple grand and that anyone they are going to buy is going to require dropping in as much or more than the car cost to get it right

other issue that is tough with them if you aren't willing to roll the dice for a one shot deal, is you get charged $250 even if your auction doesn't hit reserve, and if you have a car that will need the right set of eyes on it to fully appreciate (I.e. Getting it sold is going to take time) then it's a roll of the dice on BaT.......for all of those reasons I will probably buy something from there one day as there is some level of pre vetting process and I think at end of the day they end up putting sellers of unique cars in a bit of a time crunch to find a buyer which in my mind benefits the buyers if you maybe have esoteric tastes and there are only a few people like you that will see it in a week

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I've sold 2 cars on BaT, and my experience was generally a positive one. The first was a 1986 911 Carrera Coupe which went $3.5K above the reserve. The second was a 2002 M5 which also went $3K above the reserve. They do typically set the reserves a little bit low to ensure a sale, but bear in mind that their reserve price is suggested and is negotiable. In both instances, I was able to negotiate a higher reserve.

What BaT brings to the table is a very well heeled, discerning audience that is willing to pay top dollar for enthusiast cars. As opposed to listing your car somewhere and potentially wading through 6 months of tire kickers and uneducated buyers, BaT brings the buyer you want right your door.

I only have a couple complaints. When I listed the 911, it was still in BaT's infancy as an online auction house and due to a glitch in their website I wasn't receiving questions from potential buyers. Eventually, it was discovered a few days prior to the auction close and BaT agreed to extend my auction by an additional week. Again, I believe this was a one time occurrence and has long since been ironed out. My second complaint stems from the website's clunky picture loader. This was still, as of my second auction listing this past May, not fixed. But it is more a criticism than a legitimate issue.

Overall, I would recommend using BaT.



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I guess I’ll put this here. I’ve been thinking I wanted to buy / sell something at auction, just to have the experience. I was thinking some concours (Amelia most likely, but maybe Pebble) or Barrett Jackson or something. But BaT gets close to that experience, and cuts out the middle man. So I’ve been giving it more thought lately, buy side only. I’ve already done Manheim, and didn’t love the experience, although I got a great deal.

Anywho... this has my attention...




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To quote myself from a previous BAT thread:

I have sold a couple of cars on BAT, and I have mixed emotions about the place.

First, the appearance of what seem to be shill bidders in the last maybe 4-6 months are certainly unsettling. Maybe it's BAT, maybe it's a couple of sellers who are in cahoots with each other, who knows. Their willingness to address even the appearance of such things is concerning.

My first BAT sale went great and I made a boatload of money on a car I was mildly happy with. Unfortunately, and through no fault of BAT. the buyer took advantage of my goodwill in assisting with the purchase, which was disappointing to say the least.

The second one went fine, but the seller was really lousy at communicating and was always getting back to me at the last minute on everything. It took two weeks to wrap up the sale. While I wasn't in any hurry, it was clear that the buyer wasn't either. The lack of communication on their part was not pleasant.

As a seller BAT can be great. Buyer, eh, not so much. I tried to list a couple of other really nice cars but they either insisted on no reserve or simply denied me without an explanation. I've talked to a few other sellers that said they felt that BAT's reserve prices were unrealistic.

I would add that I have direct experience with local wholesale (dealer) auctions as well as Mannheim (PA) high line auctions. BAT is probably the best bang for your buck with the least amount of effort required.