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Bosch fuel injectors - M117 5.6 motors


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It appears that over the past 4-6 months, that the price of Bosch CIS fuel injectors has gone up from the ~$30 range (apiece) to more than $50. Just a word to the wise. MB list price on these injectors is around $77, for comparison. That's a huge price jump.



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Hey Yasin,

Generally once these injectors are worn (and I'm talking past their service life of about 80-90K miles) they are not worth cleaning and pop-testing. It's really designed to be a throw-away item and new injectors should be purchased. My last set (I referenced in the HOW-TO on injector replacement) lasted nearly 200K miles, but they were WAAAAY beyond their service life and they should have been replaced years ago. What a huge difference the new set of injectors made. I had a couple of leaky ones and this caused rough running for approximately 5-10 seconds after every start (warm or cold) as the excess fuel burned off in the combustion chambers.

My mileage also went up about 1 MPG after changing them, probably due to more efficient burning and better spray patterns.



Cool Gerry. Understood, I might have to look at replacing mine sometime, I am sure your can also ran much smoother as well? I wonder if any of mine have the case of the "dribbles"...hmmm.



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FWIW, if you Can, what ever set you end up with, have them pop and flow tested prior, I've seen some pretty nasty deviation b/w new injectors direct from Bosch. As Most of MB's bits, I suspect the A stock is what becomes Genuine etc, etc..



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I'm going to remove the injectors on the SEL I just got and have them tested before I order anything.

I have a very slight hesitation (mainly when the car is warm) right from a stop sign, for about 1/4 second on initial acceleration. Going to run some CIS tests, inspect the airflow plate this weekend, check the linkages, etc. Fuel distributor and EHA are recent, and I think they are probably OK.