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Easy to forget

Taxi Driver

This little *bugger* As I found it when I was changing the aut.transm. on the E50. Namely the rearmost water neck, in this case a differene set up, the pipe to the cirk/rest pump. Now luckily I saw a couple of drops every minute, as I was changing thr crank rear seal. Now when the Transm. was out it was "easier" to get at
if the tr.m. had been installed I think the whole manifold has to be removed to get at this.
So, a word of advise, change this gasket whenever possible!

PS Had to make some special tools also screws are 4mm tx 27 also did fine, if you have to remove the transm. dipstick tube it's 6mm hex
I had to make a tool for it aswell. That gasket as it came out, hard and brittle maybe there was a hairline crack, also to be said, thouse screws
are sitting sooo hard, be sure to hammer down the hex key or tx key. Last year on the 500E I had to spot weld the hex to the screw...Roger


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