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EGR Vacuum Line Question


Active member
I was checking out the line that goes to my EGR and noticed that when I pulled the rubber connector off and blew air into it, I could hear air hissing out behind the EGR switchover solenoids, behind the windshield washer reservoir. Air moves freely through this line when pulling a vacuum as well as blowing through it. This is both with the engine running and off.

Can anyone verify they are getting the same?

I'm not sure it's supposed to do this and I'm trying to see if maybe I have a bad switchover solenoid somewhere. Thanks.


.036 Hoonigan™, E500E Boffin
Staff member
Jon, I think that is normal when the solenoid is not energized - the actuator side (EGR) is vented to atmosphere, and the source side (engine) is sealed.

You want to test at the single hose that provides vacuum source from the engine TO the pair of solenoids, that should hold vacuum when applied with Mity-Vac. It's the connector at the front of the intake manifold, near the EGR valve.