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Fender gap


E500E Guru
Looking in the manual for adjustment to narrow the fender/hood gap. I have a larger than 5mm RHS gap and have no trouble with the shift laterally of the hood. The manual, AFAIK does not articulate how to go about bringing the fender line closer to the hood. Anyone BTDT with wisdom to share?

MO-bile [emoji629]


E500E Newbie
There is no adjustments to the fender.
You might take the fender off the car and bang in the top of the inner fender thats its bolts to. But it might make the fender to close to the A-pillar. Or the gap may not be straight.


E500E Guru
It is primarily the hood that wasn't adjusted after a respray, but thank you. FSM on hood alignment seems pretty simple.


.036 Hoonigan™, E500E Boffin
Staff member
As Martin said... you'll have to adjust the hood. Depending on the adjustment, it may or may not be simple.



E500E Guru
Length is good, so it's just lateral and that's kind of easy isn't it?

MO-bile [emoji629]