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Hood pad replacment hints solicited....degenerating into off topic.


E500E Newbie
I have a hood pad on order along with other goodies.
Last night i removed the old one, or rather, tried to catch
all of it. Sheesh, it looked not too bad until i started removing it.
The foam underneath was nothing more than than loose dirt waiting to fall down......onto the waiting sheet :)

So, old hood pads, even if they look ok, are in need of replacement.

Now the question. I see it is simply glued on. I didn't expect that.
I thought there would be clips. I don't want to take the hood off.
Please, no. So, anyone have successful techniques to get the hood pad up and on and in place and held in place snuggly, for the hours it takes for glue to dry? What glue?

My idea so far is to find and cut a big piece of (patchwork) cardboard the same shape and size and put it over.

I just wanted a step up from my sweet E320, instead of fixing on her,
so i stalked 500E's a while, drove 2 and decided the price to what i was being offered didn't match. Then i drove Layla, 400E. Woosh,
price = humble, ride = awesome - for me - on a par with the 500E's
i had driven (admittedly in worse shape). Now, months later, it is like i am married to the car. In her, under her, although seldom on top.
I never might have bought the car if had known the number of things i would have needed to fix! Actually, definitely never....yet, i am also definitely keeping her, what a lovely car, in spite of having a gazillion rubber pieces that need to be replaced.

I decided that the large box full of band aids in the W124 medical kit was surplus, so, i took them to work and threw them in the cupboard. The next day the nurse comes to me. "I don't know where you got those band aids but i threw them away, they were falling apart".:offtopic:

Ok, I'll shut up now. Who knew i would spend evenings replacing hood pads....or that even the band aids in the medical kit need replacing.


Active member
I believe you want the 3M high temperature contact adhesive. Should be 97? I know it's not the 87. It maybe available at your local Ace hardware, HD? or other store. But any automotive paint supplier will carry it. I noticed at my small town o'riley's autoparts has now a 3M section. Everything is list price, but they have stuff like that.

You simply spray a thin layer on the hood, a thin layer on the pad. Let them tack for a minute and then when they touch that's it. I would highly recommend 2 or 3 ppl. Start at the bottom middle for contact and work it out and then up carefully. An old sheet or plastic covering the hole engine bay is a must. You can masking tape/news paper the sides and bottom for adhesive spraying also to minmize any over spray.
I'd let them sit over night before driving.. but probably an hour or so is all that is needed.

I'm sure dave's done quite a few W124's. I have done a few W123/126's.



Active member
No worriies, Chris. Hood pad replacement is not a bad job. First off remove all the left over foam by scraping with a tool of your choice (i think i used a paint scraper then stiff brush). Spread an old bed sheet or similar item over the engine compartment as you have done. You probobly won't get all of the old glue off, just get as much as you can. Then trial fit the new pad onto the area to make shure you know which area you want to start with after you apply adhesive. I recomend you use 3M super headliner adhesive. 3M makes two similar products so take care to use the "super" adhesive. You can find it at most auto parts chains. About $18.00 for a can which is all you'll need. Follow the directions on the can. Keep a sheet covering the engine and fenders. Once you place the pad against the hood movement will likely be impossible and you will not need anything to hold the pad in place. It doesn't hurt to have someone else near for assistance however it is not neccessary. I was able to accomplish the job easily by myself. Good luck!



.036 Hoonigan™, E500E Boffin
Staff member
As noted above... use the "good" 3M adhesive (i.e., the really expensive stuff), and do some dry test fits so you are sure that you can get it aligned correctly the first time. As Drew mentioned, once the pad hits the hood, you will have very little - if any - time to re-position the pad.

For the record: I've done several 124 hood pads and I've always used Liquid Nails, I think the "Heavy Duty" variety. I takes about three normal-size tubes. You lay a zig-zag bead all over the hood (doesn't need 100% coverage) and then press the pad into place. The advantages are lower cost compared to the 3M spray, and plenty of time to re-position the pad. The disadvantage is that you have to press the pad firmly to squish the bead, over the entire surface of the pad. This sounds easy until you try it, and you can't push hard on the foil section otherwise it will deform and look crappy. Let it dry overnight and you're all set. Another potential disadvantage is if you ever wanted to remove it... I have a feeling it might be difficult or impossible to get the old Liquid Nails off the hood. I'm hoping I'll never need to do that though. The Liquid Nails has been holding up fine for years now.



Site Honcho
Staff member
It's the 3M 8090 Super Trim Adhesive (don't get the regular 3M Trim Adhesive). It can be a one-person job -- I did my 560SEC hood pad just myself. Pre-position the hood pad so you know where and how it fits.

Spray an even coat of the Trim Adhesive onto the hood and onto the pad. Wait 10 minutes (yes, 10 minutes). Then attach. Start at the bottom and work your way up. Helps to have a helper but not 100% necessary.

You can find the 3M glue here: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias=aps&field-keywords=3m+8090+super+trim+adhesive

Or I think you can get it at places like Autozone, etc. It's not cheap, but it works great. You will require about 1 can, perhaps a bit over 1 can. Don't worry, you'll end up using the left-over glue for other jobs.

A side benefit of the 3M glue over the Liquid Nails is that you can get good and stoned from inhaling it. This makes the installation process much funner and go faster.

Also, use parts.com for new factory MB hood pads - they are the cheapest source.




Active member
Thanks for the correction on the TRIM adhesive, not headliner adheasive. Make sure you inhale just before applying the pad or you may forget why you sprayed the stuff in the first place.