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Ignition tumbler


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This is mostly a heads-up post...
If your ignition key is loose in your ignition tumbler or you have trouble turning the key, do yourself a huge favor and order a new tumbler ASAP. Changing the tumbler is literally a less than 5-minute job as long as you are able to turn to key to position 1. If you wait and can no longer turn the key, your old tumbler will have to be drilled out.

The reason I bring this up is because earlier this week, I noticed the tell-tale symptoms in my wife's '95 E320 wagon. We just got out of the movies and I had trouble turning the key, it had been a little loose for a couple months but it always turned easily before this. I got the car started after a minute of jiggling the key and promptly headed home...and parked the car. It took two days for the new tumbler to arrive at the dealer and just a couple minutes to replace it.

Cost from my local MB dealer, Hoehn, was $77 which included a new key. You need to provide your VIN so ensure you receive a matching key to your originals...and you will need to show proof of ownership of the car.


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Tip: Make sure your dealer orders part number 126-460-02-04, which is coded to your VIN number, and will include a new steel master key. In the USA, you will need to provide a copy of your registration (and probably driver's license) to prove that you own the vehicle.

DO NOT order part number 126-460-06-04, which is a generic lock tumbler+key, that will not match the rest of the locks on the car! I've heard of dealers screwing this up and ordering the generic lock because the part guy couldn't properly interpret the EPC. *sigh*