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Intermittent surging/pulsing at idle


E500E Newbie
having a surging issue at idle where the revs bounce between roughly 400rpm and 700rpm in a 2-3 second interval. i'm thinking possibly an old vacuum line somewhere, but is this an issue that others have seen in the past and know about? i'm somewhat new to 500s, but not german cars in general. i took a video with my phone, but it's too big to upload. i'll have to work on downsampling that vid and posting it. any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. thanks!


.036 Hoonigan™, E500E Boffin
Staff member
VERY likely to be a vacuum leak... and could be a nuisance to track down. Wouldn't hurt to check/clear codes for grins.



E500E Newbie
thanks gsxr! i own a 944 Turbo, so i'm very aware of how annoying tracking down vacuum leaks can be. :D
when i have some time, i'll check the various lines and see what i come up with.