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M119 in C11; The Sound!!!!

The sound of the C11's M119 is like crack cocaine.



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That era of group C absolutely rocked. I was fortunate enough to experience that one, and all the other fabulous cars live in Mexico City 1990. Made my way into the pits for a brief period, also. Thanks for the great memory flood...


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The sound of the C11's M119 is like crack cocaine.


+1 Thanks for the video, I will need to add it to my favorites however even though it is not a M119 this one has been and still is #1 on that list.

Mercedes Benz 190E EX DTM (Judd V8)

(make sure you have some good speakers and turn them up from :30 - :40 segment.)


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I never saw the Sauber cars run but did get to experience the Porsche group C cars right here at Road Atlanta as well as many Judd powered Prototypes. I watched one of them backflip in front of me. I must agree the Judds make the sweetest noise of all!



a.k.a. "CoalRollerEric"
The trams on the 190 is super especially when downshifting
Yeah some sort of "track rat" with a sequential gearbox is definitely on my to do list some day. [emoji106]

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The judd v8 was retrofitted in an ex dtm chassis by reto Meißel in Switzerland. Now they moved a step up and have built their new car on a slk chassis also judd powered.
For the real 4 cylinder sound watch this video, this car is fully original and used on hill climb events or dtm revival track days: