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OWNER msq (E60 AMG)


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MSQ = That's interesting, I have that same set of wheels, excepting the rears in my set are 9". I have run 10" 285/35 in the rear although the wheel was a 2pc. SL wheel. I believe the ET was 28. No issues. Terry and others run this size. I believe the ET on the 8.5 OZ is 34. I can't remember the proper tire size with the best O.D. match for these. I want to say 245/40.

Stephan = I have not gone larger than 245 on the front. Again, I believe others have but I would expect issues/close tolerances.

If either of you are looking for a lengthy read search the many discussions on the subject and the accompanying issues with spacers and proper size and length lug bolts. Nearly all aftermarket wheels require cone seat bolts as opposed to MB spherical seat. Rear bolt length, which could be different for each wheel is critical at the rear of the 036 due to parking brake interference.

Thanks Drew, this is helpful. I do have separate set of cone seat bolts with correct length for the OZ wheels for the E500E. I'll also search this forum as suggested, but are you thinking my front 18 x 8.5 OZ Opera wheels might need spacers?

p.s. the rubber on the front 8.5 is 245/40 18's


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Jonathan and his team are awesome! I recently took a dedicated trip down to Atlanta to visit several of my cars under stages of restoration/maintenance . He has completed 3 cars for me with several others now underway (and 2 more on way). His patience and meticulous nature are 2nd to none. He is why I have renewed my love for this era of cars. If you own one of our cars, I encourage you to seek him out.

1992 500E pearl black/black 18k *
1993 E60 040/black 90k Gustov *
1994 E320 cab silver/grey 26k *
1994 E320 cab silver/black 68k *
1990 Euro 560sec pearl black/black 22k *
1998 500sl silver/black 9800 miles
2000 G500 cab obsidian/black 65k *
1987 635 csi black/black 90k *
1967 Tbird coup metallic blue/parchment 31k *

All the ones with an * he has or is working on.
On second thought.......forget everthing I have told you...... If you guys listen to me I may have to compete for shop time.....


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Man I love those Oz rims!!!! Did they ever make a 17 inch? where can I get a set of either?
I don't know if they made 17" (update below, they obviously made 17" w/ 5x120 pattern). The Oz Opera wheels are hard to find in general as I do not believe they make them any longer. I believe there was a guy in Germany (?) machining/making high quality knock-off AMG rims (without AMG logo so as not to cause problem) and maybe some other kind. I think Jonathan may know him or have bought from him, so you may want to ask him. I don't know if he makes OZ knock-offs.

p.s. just saw these 17" ones, but they don't look like they are staggered and they look like they are 5x120 not 5x112
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Great suggestion on the front bumper filler panel, thank you. Do you happen to know the part number. I will definitely order it. In MA they make you have front and rear plate if you have "red & white" plates, but if you have older "green & white" plates you can just use rear plate. I have red ones on this car, but I do have older "green & white" plate that I used to have on my C43. I could put it on the car but it looks a bit beat up/dirty (even though it is clean) and does not look as clean as the new "red & white" plates. I still may swap it as I do not like having front plate. In any case, thanks for suggestion.

Congrats on getting the car home.

Regarding the Green & White plate... you can get it restored. Back to 99+% condition. Use the Googles to find plate restoration services. The good ones will use the proper reflective paint in order to avoid any issues with the RMV or police.


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Congrats on getting the car home.

Regarding the Green & White plate... you can get it restored. Back to 99+% condition. Use the Googles to find plate restoration services. The good ones will use the proper reflective paint in order to avoid any issues with the RMV or police.
Thanks for the idea. I never knew this. Great idea. I am also going to order the piece that @gsxr suggested for cars that do not have to have a front plate. I had already ordered the part/adapter that @jlaa mentioned above that allows for US plate to be mounted on the rear of a Euro car (although I think I may leave plate mounted as is for now since it's nice and flush and didn't require anything to be changed/bolted on the car).
I never knew you could get plates refinished, it's kind of a big deal because here in MA many inspection stations get really aggressive about retiring the single green & white plates and the only reason they can legally use to get you to retire the older single plates is that it is not in great condition. This will allow me to keep it indefinitely.

p.s. just ordered the part @gsxr mention for license plate filler for cars with no front plate .... it was a good suggestion and source as it was very inexpensive (shipping was almost as much as the part).
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Incredible looking car. Congratulations. I'm down in NYC but take regular sojourns to Western Mass if you're out that direction.
Thank you. I am in Central MA outside Boston. If you make it out this way, PM me and give me a few days advance notice. I'll take the car out of storage once they sweep the streets here in the spring and we have one good/hard rain after that.
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I was just up in Boston last weekend....anyway, I'd like to ask you to come down to central CT with your car and we can get pictures with my friend's Limited E500....and maybe my green dust collector can roll out with yous.
PM me if you are interested.