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[OLD THREAD] How to open Trunk without key?


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  • 12-01-2008 12:12 PM #1
    W124 V8

    Join DateDec 2008LocationGermanyPosts1

    Ive got a big problem!
    My Trunk is locked and it seems like the lock is damaged. There is no way to open it with the normal key !
    Any ideas how to lockpick it or do i have to drill it open !?

    Please any advice is appreciated !​


  • 12-02-2008 02:08 AM #2

    Join DateNov 2008LocationThe Woodlands, TXPosts24
    I'm not really aware of anything that can be done to unlock the trunk remotely outside of drilling the lock. Has a good mechanic or locksmith tried monkeying with the lock? I'd think a locksmith would be a logical first step. Even a good shot of lube (graphite or spray white lithium grease) into the key slot would be a good start.

    Good luck!



  • 12-02-2008 09:14 AM #3

    Join DateDec 2008Posts2

    are you quite sure it's the lock? if something has fallen into the "latch well"
    it could be preventing the lever from moving into the proper position. you could
    try opening the trunk while applying downward pressure to the top of the trunk.

    hope this helps,