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Parts from S500 simular?


E500E Newbie
I just got a contact whith a S500 owner.
His car just have some thieves on visit.
Thay try to get the car from his garage,
but that didn’t succeed.
He ask me if I want to by the car,
he haven’t money to fix it, no insurance..
Its a -92, with the V8, 5liter, 326hp,
the same we have in the w124 500e.
But, I also think it’s the same gearbox.
Is it something else we can save like spare parts
from this car?
Maby Someone in this forum needed som parts?

Best Regards


.036 Hoonigan™, E500E Boffin
Staff member
The transmission is identical. The engine is very similar, main differences are the oil pan & exhaust manifolds (these can be swapped with the 500E parts). Some of the computer modules are useful for the 500E.

Other than the engine/trans/computers, there isn't much that will fit the 124 chassis. The rest of the body, chassis, suspension, brakes, are all different.



E500E Newbie
Hi, and thanks for quick response.
I just checked up the number on the gear and engine.
S500 gear: 722370 03 702197
S500 engine: 119970 12 017596
I have in my car
Gear: 722365 03 529560
Engine: 119974 12 000629

What can I be worth paying for the car,
just to save engine/ gear and some of the computer boxes?