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Resurrecting glass lenses on fog lights or headlights?


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Re: Why we love U-Pick and Pick-A-Part places...

Now that I have a complete set of spare fogs, going to try the Cerium Oxide on them to see how much can the glass be polished back to "life". Anyone tried?

20190209_141526~2 by Duh_Vinci, on Flickr



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Re: Why we love U-Pick and Pick-A-Part places...

I've done it on windshields. Patience, grasshopper. It's a slooow process but it does work.
Rule of thumb is if you can feel it with your fingernail it's too deep, but that probably doesn't apply to lights as they are more prone to pits than scratches.
If you are using the powder keep the slurry fairly thick.


I did try it and it is a waste of time IMHO. It will eventually work after hours of polishing... I always buy new lenses if affordable or give these to the shop that deals with glass - they have special tools that allow to polish the surface properly. If you decide to it - take my advice and don't overheat the glass, it will break. Ask me how I know about this...