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Sheet metal parts needed..


E500E Newbie
By any chance does anyone know the PN for the sheet metal strips without holes that go below the Headlights on both sides..? Some bozo decided to take my wiper arms as a souvenir..so now I am debating if I should remove the wiper headlight motors and place the sheet metal strips with no holes in them or if I find some wiper arms and blades for both sides to replace what now some nucklehead out here is probably trying to adapt to a Supra..Does anyone know where the wiper arms could be found at a decent price..? I have the PN for those but can't find them here in the US..


.036 Hoonigan™, E500E Boffin
Staff member
Contact Potomac German, ask for Pat... tell him Dave in Idaho sent ya, and that you need the headlight wipers. Just make sure you specify the model year needed... the 86-93 USA wipers are different than 94-95. If you get new blank plates (~$20/ea) you'll need to get them painted. I'd just replace the wiper arms... hopefully they didn't damage the motors.

Patrick Bartholow
Sales Manager
LKQ395 Potomac German
4305 Lime Kiln Rd.
Frederick, MD 21703
800.831.7686 ext#206



E500E Newbie

Called Potomac German, but they were going to look for the parts, no stock right now.

BTW the parts No.s are as follows for anyone who should need them. (For European Headlights).

Headlight Wiper Arm L = A1248200744
Headlight Wiper Arm R = A1248200844

Sheet metal strips going below the headlights, (filler panel) found on 1993 300E 2.8, pelicanparts.com

L= A1248890563
R= A1248890663