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Surging on Accel. and Decel.



Problem: On acceleration, car pulses very subtly. On deceleration it does the same thing. Occasionally, when going from D to P, idle will surge up above 10k, then gradually come down. Sometimes when this happens, ASR light goes on. Also, more troubling, when driving, the ASR and ABS light come on and acclerator peddle offers no response. In this instance, I shift to N, turn off ignition and turn on and we're back in business. No fault codes to give us a clue.

Solution: After several incremental expendtires (brake light switch, vaccuum hoses, etc.) replaced Throttle Actuator (ouch, $$) and all is well with the world.


Nice you solved the problem.

I've heard about the brake light switch causing trouble but I don't understand why. Anyone could explain it to me, please? And, by the way, where is the switch located? Behind the pedal?