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throttle linkage lubrication


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My throttle linkage is sticking a bit and setting off ASR sometimes. It is the shaft under the manifold that I can not get to to undo clean, lubricate and put back. I was just able to drip lubricant on the outside and move the throttle back and forth until it got better. It looks to me that the intake manifold needs removal to get to this. Has anyone come up with a slick way to service this shaft?


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You can get to it with all parts installed in the car, but its not pretty.

I had to unassemble the linkage after I had re-installed the intake and ETA back into the car during my top end ‘re-build’. A couple of long screwdrivers and some long reach pliers like these: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XX62KS4/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apip_4fRY2rplUibOC
Were very helpful.

It still took quite awhile while crouched over the engine uncomfortably. Pop the end of the linkage off the ETA first, grab it with the long reach pliers, then pop the back of the linkage off the throttle cable/linkage assembly attached to the back of the intake. Extract the linkage via the pliers out the top of the intake where the ETA is located.

Don’t let the linkage slip down between the ETA and the bottom of the intake mani. You’ll have to fashion some clever coat hanger tools to extract if you do. Ask me how i know :)

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Also be very, very careful not to disengage the throttle return spring from the other end. It's hooked on a cast tab underneath the intake manifold in the area behind the thermostat housing. I had one get unhooked on a W140 and ended up fashioning a hook out of copper wire that I wrapped around the thermostat housing to anchor it (yes, a real kludge, but I had to get the car on the road at the time!)

I ended up having to use an endoscope to see where the tab was located and with a helper, some very long hemostats and a lot of cursing, got it hooked back in place. It was not a pleasant experience.

And for what it's worth, I can't count the number of times I've bolted up an ETA only to find that the throttle linkage was below it in the "V" and unretrievable without removing the ETA again. Fortunately, I've now learned my lesson and always check this before installing an ETA.