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Trunk wont open.


E500E Newbie
Hey guys, i cant seem to get the trunk open my 92 500e. The battery is dead, i dont think that would matter but maybe im wrong.
I have 2 keys for the car and have tried both of them. Turning counter clockwise, i can turn the trunk lock to the right and it clicks but to the left just doesnt seem to turn all the way. Any sugestions?


Site Honcho
Staff member
Battery won't matter; you should be able to unlock it with the key. Should unlock going counter-clockwise.


E500E Newbie
Well i guess it was jammed somehow.. i used a small block of wood and a mallet and hammered twice on the lock button and the trunk poped open. Ill investigate further to find out why that happend.


Active member
I have nothing to add to this thread other than the fact that I changed my avatar...