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I'm about to buy new quarter panels and a trunk lid because my car was recently rear ended. The guy who hit me also ran away and I didn't get his plates. But that's a story for later. What I need to know is the exact weight of the 2 quarter panels and the trunk lid. The reason being is that I live in Hawaii and shipping big items here really sucks. Luckily we have www.shiptohawaii.com it's a shipping company based out in California that ship here for a discounted price. Problem is that I need the exact weight and dimensions of the package. With that said, can someone please help me out?


Mercedes Flopper
Have you tried to contact the dealer and find out what it costs outs of the door? I suspect that they have shipments coming in weekly and adding a quarter would not cost them more.

Good luck, quarter panel replacement is about the hardest job that you can do on a cars body.


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MB has data about the weight of each part in their database. Perhaps a call to Tom Hanson at the MB Classic Center could divulge this information for you. Tom recently registered for this board, so you could send him a PM.

Don't count on your average dealership parts jockey to be that motivated to help you....