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Were body color lower moldings ever a factory ordered option?


E500E Newbie
I see so many variations online of our cars and i was wondering if the monochromatic look was an option maybe in 93 or 94? I see some silver cars have a light gray bottom where as my gray car has a contrasting gray lower section. Same with greens.

I like them both ways but painting the lower moldings body color does lend to a more modern up to date look


Site Honcho
Staff member
Ooooh boy, I feel a "factory triple black" discussion coming on .... deja vu from 500Ecstasy.com ..... :sicker:


Active member
The signal red 500e's were monochrome and it wasn't a option, they all came like that. With that said, the signal red 300e and 190e were two tone, go figure.


E500E Newbie
So guys on your cars that are monotone is the lower body satin or high gloss like the rest of the car? Thats what im curious about and why on some colors the bottom is a better match than on a gray or silver car?


Active member
The lower body cladding paint on my car is a high gloss that matches the rest of the paint. You can check out a couple of decent photos of my car in my owner's thread and the for sale thread.


.036 Hoonigan™, E500E Boffin
Staff member
It depends on the paint color AND model year. Certain years/colors were monochrome from the factory, others (most) were two-tone.

Your car is Pearl Black (paint code 199) and came from the factory with Alto Gray (code 7700) bumpers/mouldings.