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Why we love U-Pick and Pick-A-Part places...


.036 Hoonigan™, E500E Boffin
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Looks like good confirmation that the, ahem, "prototypes" are actually just 119.960 toobies.



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Other than the full 4 caliper "Silver Arrow" big brake kit few months back for $15 each, very happy with today's pick. The little story behind this 1995 SL320:

Few years back, my brother found it by chance while driving around. Low mileage car with front end damage: no fenders, no hood, no bumper, just the engine... $1700 is what the garage owner wanted, mismatched hard top. If I needed engine or this low miles 722.5 transmission, I think $1500 would be wroth it. But not as a restoration project.

Well, as off today, the private lot at local pick-a-part became anything goes lot. Imagine what car it was... The very same $1700 SL320 from few years back. Some things has been butchered while in the private lot, but $73 bought me all these spares:

40430303663_88fc9b580c_c.jpg20190316_122331 by Duh_Vinci, on Flickr

But most importantly the seat cushions! These literally look almost new, and soft!!! Just did 2 step Lexol on them, could not be happier!!! Beautiful soft original perforated MB leather. Now my SL500 interior will be near flawless!!!

32453979357_57c5877a18_c.jpg20190316_124812 by Duh_Vinci, on Flickr

32453979547_11167bee1a_c.jpg20190316_130000 by Duh_Vinci, on Flickr