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“Young Vintage” Mercedes Racers


Active member
I used to watch these types of series constantly back in the days... they even made good background noise when hanging around the house. Australian touring car as well.



E500E Enthusiast
I still do, actually. The racing Bentleys have my attention these days. For someone who has never had a Track day car, I’m surprised how interesting it is to me.



.036 Info God (aka "Big R")
The c classes belong to two friends of mine. These are complicated monsters and take a hell of equipment to run. But amazing in every aspect. I will participate in the touring car classic series with my dtm evo2 most probably in 2020 season in some (not all) races. Later Evos, as of '91 are already quite far away from the street version with the c classes it was light years away from the street cars.


E500E Newbie
Very cool stuff! Those M3s, Cosworth Sierras etc. make pretty damn nice sounds, too.

Brings back memories from way back when.