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What a sound...


I do believe...!
Yes thats how the M119s sound if you make a good exhaust. I knew from the beginning of the vid when the car moves away from the cameraman that this is a M119. To many Videos of different made 500E exhaust heard, they all have something distinctive.
Listen to Svooks 500E RB exhaust, it sounds very similar in the lower tone frequencies:


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No guys, i like it. Other videos i know- nothin close to this wild scream =)
I wouldn´t want to have one, but i love it.
PS Has nothin to do with "ami sound", muuuch too fine and smooth, comparing to primitive american engines :)
M117 revvs up to slow. No no no.


I'm "special"!
Hahaha "vrooooooooom" - giggle - "vroooooooom" and then you saying "Having fun" ;)

Someone clearly enjoys his job ;)