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Remanufactured Alternator


I ordered a Bosch remanufactured alternator through Mercedes of Naperville on October 14th. It still has not arrived and they cannot tell me the status of the delivery. My understanding is that is that the alternator had to come from Germany, but there were plenty available. I have received several explanations as to the status including the part being in customs and then somewhere in Florida. Has anyone else experienced this long of a delay? Is there another source I can go to for the part?


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Why not go through one of the "usual" firms such as AutohauZ, Importec, etc.?

I very recently ordered and installed a new, rebuilt Bosch alternator via Amazon.com, for my 560SEC. They are certainly available for a good price on Amazon, as well.

Easy to find. No need for a part like this, to go with a "factory" reman when you can get it MUCH more cheaply via aftermarket sources, for the same manufacturer-rebuilt product.

I'd cancel the order from Naperville and re-order via one of the sources I mentioned. I bet you would save some bucks, and with Amazon Prime you'd have it in a couple of days.



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MB dealer availability of starters, alternators, and the like has been extremely spotty lately, while the aftermarket is crawling with "genuine" Bosch remans for dirt cheap. On that subject, though, I received one Bosch reman alternator for a friend's E500E and the shaft had about 4mm of back and forth end play. Obviously not good. There were no more of those from that vendor, so I had to pay about $30.00 more to another vendor for the same thing. After a couple hundred miles, that one failed to produce adequate output, and had a static battery draw down to boot. The current one seems to be holding up. Just can't catch a break sometimes. While we're on this subject, most larger population centers have at least one auto/truck electric component rebuilders, often stocking common parts for Bosch , Valeo, and all the other name brand component builders. Usually these are places that have been in business for decades. They will often rebuild units to better than new quality for very reasonable prices. Ask around town, so to speak. There are still lots of them out there. That's what I should have done with the alternator in the first place, but the price of the first reman was so good...


There is a lot of reman junk about. I was lucky to find NOS for the 500TE build after the reman items I bought looked like they were done by a 7 year old.

That said I dont think its necessary to go to the dealer for these items as the price difference is vast.

In the UK we have them reconditioned locally. I have a company near me that will strip, dissasemble and replace defective parts for next to nothing.

I still have my old 500E alternator somehwere if you need. I dont think there was anything wrong with it. I just replaced as I was replacing everything!
Its an early one though, with the 8 rib? belt.



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I got a Bosch (manufacturer rebuild) alternator back in 2008 for my 560SEC and it lasted all of about a mile before conking out and getting a warranty failure replacement.

I just replaced that one recently (the one I mentioned above) with another Bosch reman unit I got off of Amazon. The prior one from 2008 lasted 10 years and about 75,000 miles.

Back in about 2000, I had a local electrical shop in my then home-town of Portland, Oregon re-do the alternator on my 300SEL 6.3. They rebuilt it and used new Bosch components to significantly upgrade the output. They did a great job and quality work and it was cheap. Klink is right, they had been in business rebuilding alternators, magnetos and generators and the like for about 50 years at that time.

I’m sure that most medium and large cities have such an equivalent type of business.


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As new units are NLA from M-B and Bosch, go with an original bosch reman IF You can find one!!

I had to search for 2 Weeks to source one in Europe